Event Services

Whether your purpose for hosting a meeting, conference or special event is to stimulate dialogue or broaden training, to enhance your brand, exposure or revenue streams, or to acknowledge a company milestone or special celebration, sometimes knowing how to start or how to put concepts together is the hardest part. 

We work with you to understand your goals and objectives to help create the “foundation” for your event. 

Sometimes we hear from clients who simply need some new ideas, or help to implement a specific concept. Alternatively, they may have a staff shortage and need help filling in gaps at a conference or special event they are hosting. We provide event consulting services.

Or, if you just need support services on the day(s) of your event to help cover areas at your conference or special event; we can help be your solution there, too. 

Creating an idea for a conference or special event is just the start, but to be able to effectively execute the numerous details needed to make it all happen is sometimes the obstacle for organizations and companies.

DETAILS DO MATTER and can easily be missed, costing you money, time and reputation.

As a budget-conscious company, we have collaborated with qualified partnering vendors to help save our clients cost and time. We understand what is involved and strive to make our clients’ events positive and seamless experiences.

We also work with our clients’ preferred vendors to best accommodate their event needs and preferences.  

What is the marketing message you want to share with your audience at your conference or special event? It begins before and continues during and after your event. 

Your event marketing is not simply program collateral or promotional flyers. We help clients, starting with their theme concept during the program development and continue the conversation to stay consistent in their messaging throughout the process.